Welcome to Springtime Nursery School & Day Nursery

I would like to introduce you to the Springtime Nursery.

It has been born out of love for children and a concern for their needs. When the Nursery School commenced in 1988, I was aware of the sad lack of Nursery education for pre-school children in our country. At Springtime we have qualified staff who give our children an excellent foundation to build on when they enter school. Judging by the feedback, our children have more than a head start socially, emotionally and academically.

We all know the Bible story of the wise man who built his house on the rock.  I have always contended that solid foundations, i.e. nursery education, are just as important as a good roof i.e. university etc.

It is the aim of Springtime to provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment for children from the age of 3 months to 5 years. Whilst in our care children are able to participate in a wide variety of play experience which enables them to develop the skills needed for them to become more independent, with a positive self-image and an understanding of their fellow beings, regardless of colour, creed, religion or gender.

Pre-school structured and free experience is essential for all children. These are formative and exciting years of learning and discovery. It is our aim to provide activities which will help your child to develop to the best of his/her ability. No pressure will be exerted in any way but a lively and stimulating atmosphere will be provided with the intention of provoking curiosity.

Most of all I want your child to be happy and relaxed, to this end the aim of Springtime is to create a pleasant and secure foundation for your child’s social and educational development. Within an orderly environment we will encourage your child to develop to her/his individual potential.

Barbara A. Waldron (Mrs) Cert. Ed.


Since opening in 1988 Springtime has served a wide community by providing a high standard of care and education for children to suit the individual needs of their families.

This has always been achieved by the recruitment and training of a highly qualified team following the overall guidance and teaching philosophy of Mrs Barbara Waldron (Cert Ed.).

Babies and young children experience a friendly, stimulating atmosphere with consistent and familiar adults. This builds the feelings of security and trust essential for children’s wellbeing and development to complement their experiences at home. Supporting families is a strong feature of the Springtime ethos.

We believe the early years are important in your child’s development and put a high value on quality of interaction between children and adults to support activities which will help him/her grow into a thinking person. Our sessions are organised to meet the changing needs of the children attending both as a group and individually, and close attention is offered in any area a child may excel in or find challenging.    

“Children demonstrate they are happy, secure and thoroughly enjoy their time at the setting”
Ofsted Report, May 2011

Why choose Springtime Day Nursery for your child?

  • OFSTED registered
  • Follow the revised Early Years Foundation Stage
  • Well established nursery school with an excellent reputation
  • Safe & spacious nursery environment
  • Cooked lunches available with nutritious breakfast, snacks and tea
  • Free settling in period before you leave your child for a full session
  • Childcare vouchers accepted
  • Free Nursery Education Grant funded sessions available
  • Highly qualified staff (3 of which achieved a BA Hons. through their work with children at Springtime)

“The staff team thoroughly enjoy their work, take pride in what they do, and demonstrate a strong commitment to increasing and developing their own qualifications”
Ofsted Report, May 2011

Are you looking for a friendly, educational environment for your child? For more information on Springtime Nursery School & Day Nursery call 01784 464 316